Repair Master 1 Year Extended Product Replacement Warranty for products under $200

Brand:Repair Master
Price: $14.99

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Product snapshot as of 3/23/2017
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 Repair Master 1 Year Extended Product Replacement Warranty for products under $200

Product Overview

Repair Master One-year extension is for any product under $200 (excluding tax and delivery) with a battery or cord. This warranty begins at the conclusion of the shortest portion of the manufacturer’s warranty. Should the product become defective during the extended service plan, the customer calls Warrantech Repair Master’s toll free number to have the unit replaced. If an exact replacement is unavailable, a similar replacement will be provided of equal or comparable monetary value to the original product. All items are replaced there are no repairs.

The Repair Master Service plan mirrors the manufactures warranty in its coverage; covering all that the manufacture covers.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? - If your product has a 90 day manufacturer's labor warranty, the Warrantech replacement coverage begins at the 91st day.

This Guarantee goes into effect immediately after the shortest warranty period of your original manufacturers warranty expires

The card is easily activated through a Toll-free number

Warrantech Corporation is a leader in the field of extended warranties


For an item to qualify for this guarantee, you must purchase this guarantee within 30 days of purchasing your item!

Product Specification
*Please note: Repair Master One-year extension warranties only cover products that come with a United States Manufacturer Warranty.