iGo Power Smart Wall

Price: $14.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 3/28/2017
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 Power Smart Wall surge protector unit

Product Overview
Energy saving wall module with integrated iGo Green™ Technology automatically reduces wasted standby power by up to 85%. Plug in your computer and other devices to save power without the hassle of unplugging your devices.

Product Specification
  • Dimensions:3.54 x 5.19 x 2.92” (90 x 130 x 74 mm)

    Key Features / Highlights:

  • 2 outlets using iGo Green™ Technology – automatically powers down outlets when not in use and powers back up again when devices need power – reducing standby power by up to 85%
  • 2 always-on outlets for devices requiring continuous power
  • Instant On button for immediate power up of managed outlets
  • Wall-mounted design ideal for home/offi ce/kitchen use
  • Learning mode optimizes iGo Green Technology for your needs
  • 4 outlets – 2 always-on, 2 with iGo Green Technology
  • Surge protection with LED indicator
  • Surge Protection LED indicator
  • Surge Protection Rating: 1080 joules

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