Outdoor Technology DJ Slims Bluetooth Headphones in Black

Brand:Outdoor Technology
Price: $69.95

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Product snapshot as of 3/27/2017
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 Outdoor Technology DJ Slims Bluetooth Headphones in Black

Product Overview

Freedom isn't free, but the SLIMS comes close. Thanks to Bluetooth Technology, you can leave restrictive plugs behind and let your dome run wild in sonic bliss. Connect them to a compatible device and listen to HI-FI music or make calls up to 30 feet away.

  • Can be used with a bluetooth enabled cell phone, MP3 player, and your Mac or PC.
  • Receive incoming calls while listening to music (the music will pause automatically)
  • Touch rubber coated body, adjustable size, skip, play, or pause tracks
  • Control volume with 9 hours talk time and 8 hours music. Standby time is 284 hours

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