BlackBerry Torch 9860/9850 Soft Shell (Purple/Black)

Price: $7.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 10/24/2014
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Product Includes
 BlackBerry Torch 9860/9850 Soft Shell (Purple/Black)

Product Overview
Looking to provide your phone with the ultimate protection for your Blackberry Torch 9860, 9850? Think about shielding it up inside an Original Blackberry, fashionable soft shell case. It is slim, with a unique look! This cell phone case is rare, so owning one makes you stand out more in a crowd. Convenient and easy to apply on to your cell phone, take it everywhere to bring the spotlight on you and your unique Blackberry Torch 9860, 9850!
  • Durable Non-Slip Protection
  • Soft Shell case made of rubberized silicone
  • Non-bulky and slim design
  • Full Access to Charging Port and Audio Jack
  • Easily installed by slipping in your phone