Speck Products CandyShell View with Kickstand for iPhone 4S in Black & Dark Grey

Brand:Speck Products
Price: $19.95

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 3/23/2017
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 CandyShell View for iPhone 4S in Black & Dark Grey

Product Overview
With the CandyShell View iPhone 4S stand case you can watch, movies, music videos, TV shows and more, hands-free on your phone, any time you like. Just pop out the fold-back kickstand, relax, and enjoy. Of course, CandyShell View is more than stand. It's a super-protective iPhone 4S case, with a hard outer shell to guard against bumps and scrapes, and a rubberized interior for plenty of shock absorption. Hard shell. Soft center. Sweet iPhone case with stand.

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