Seidio Expert Case for iPad 2 / The New iPad 3 (White)

Price: $27.99

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Product snapshot as of 12/11/2016
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 Seidio Expert Case for iPad 2 / The New iPad 3 (White)

Product Overview
Protect and conveniently transport your iPad 2 or new iPad (3rd gen) with our sleek and eco-friendly, EXPERT™ case. Made from synthetic leather that is eco-friendly and elegant, it’s also thin enough to slide into your briefcase or purse. Your iPad will be securely held in this portfolio case by Clean-Grip advanced gripping technology. In addition to transporting, securely holding and protecting your iPad, use our EXPERT™ case to prop up your iPad in two angles that are optimal for typing, viewing movies and television shows.

Utilizing revolutionary technology, Clean-Grip advanced gripping technology was engineered to hold ultra-securely without messy residue and simultaneously allow you to remove and reposition your iPad, if necessary. Given that the adhesive is in good condition (new or properly washed/dried), Clean-Grip advanced gripping technology has a shear strength ranging from 22.6 N/cm 2 to 55.1 N/cm 2, which is equivalent to being able to grip an item with a weight of up to 700 pounds in an upright position. The strength is more than enough to hold the iPad, which weighs only 1.44 pounds.

  • Sleek case that adds only 2.3 mm to each side of iPad
  • Clean-Grip advanced gripping technology allows you to remove iPad without residue and securely re-attach when necessary
  • Properly apply and witness the strength of Clean-Grip advanced gripping technology, which is strong enough to withstand the direct downward pull from the weight of the iPad
  • Made from an eco-friendly process that does not produce any VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Versatile front cover allows you to prop up the iPad in two convenient viewing angles
  • iPad Cover Lock can be activated when iPad is not in use