Freedom i-Connex Combi Slimmest & Lightest Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad2 & New iPad

Brand:Freedom Input
Price: $29.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 10/7/2015
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 i-Connex Combi case for iPad.
 Folding Front Cover
 Removable Bluetooth (V4.0) Keyboard.
 USB Charging Cable.
 Four Language (English, German, Spanish, French) Instructions

Product Overview
The i-Connex Combi is the complete solution for your iPad 2 and New Generation iPad.

A Complete Solution for your iPad, combining front and back covers for protection with an integrated, removable, Bluetooth Keyboard.

Hard shelled, soft touch, vented case. Protects the iPad while dissipating heat and giving a more secure and comfortable grip on the iPad.

Easy access to all buttons and ports on the iPad.

Provides safe and convenient storage for the slim line Bluetooth keyboard included.

Folding Screen Cover protects the screen of the iPad and folds into a 2 position stand. It also automatically puts the iPad into Sleep/Wake mode when opened or closed.

The Screen Cover can also be removed to allow the use of other iPad front covers such as the Apple SmartCover.
Quality Engineered Bluetooth Keyboard.
Key features:
● The Hardshell case and folding front cover protects your iPad.
● Option to keep and use existing “Apple Smart Cover”.
● Removable iConnex Combi Screen Cover with magnetic fixing to front of iPad.
● Removable Bluetooth keyboard stores in the case on the back of the iPad. Featuring many useful iPad shortcuts with a quality desktop keyboard feel.
● The front cover folds back into a 2 position stand and automatically puts the iPad into Wake and Sleep mode.

Precision built keyboard with scissor action keys to give high quality desktop keyboard feel.
Size 9.6 x 7.4 x 0.28 inches and 14 ounnces in weight
Aluminium case and nonslip back with added durability of
Patented non-removable chocolate style keys.
Slim line, lightweight and rechargeable with up to 90 hours
of use from a single charge.
Includes many useful shortcuts such as Home, Search, Cut, Copy,
Paste. Plus media controls Play, Pause, Skip Forward/Backward
and control of Screen Brightness and Volume.
When not in use the keyboard stores neatly into the back of the
case resulting in an easily held solution.
Using the latest v4.0 Bluetooth the keyboard is capable of
multipairing. It also connect to iPhones, Android 3.0 & 4.0 devices
and other devices that support HID Bluetooth keyboards.
Box Contains:

i-Connex Combi case for iPad.
Folding Front Cover
Removable Bluetooth (V4.0) Keyboard.
USB Charging Cable.
Four Language (English, German, Spanish, French) Instructions.