BodyGuardz UltraTough Optically Clear Screen Protector with Anti-Microbial for iPhone 5/5C/5S - Gel/Dry Apply

Price: $15.95

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Product snapshot as of 10/30/2014
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 BodyGuardz UltraTough Optically Clear Full Body Protectors with Anti-Microbial for iPhone 5/5C/5S - Gel/Dry Apply

Product Overview
BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz is the ultimate iPhone 5/5C/5S screen protector. Each screen protector is custom designed to fit your iPhone 5/5C/5S and provides unmatched screen protection without changing the look and feel of your device. UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz provides unrivaled screen protection for your device. Made from the same material as our UltraTough clear skins, you can relax knowing your iPhone 5/5C/5S is protected by the toughest screen protector on the market. This film has been treated with an anti-microbial to protect the film from microbial growth.