mophie Juice Pack Reserve Micro External Battery for Smartphones (1000mAh)

Price: $39.95

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 2/1/2015
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 mophie juice pack reserve micro
 Attached Keychain
 Userís Manual

Product Overview
The juice pack reserve micro is a compact external battery made for smartphones and micro USB devices. Cased in an aesthetic fit for on-the-go style enthusiasts, you'll be sure to travel light.
Give your smartphone extended battery life. Its lightweight, compact design with a convenient key ring means youíre always ready for a quick charge whenever you need it.
By integrating new elements into the design, the juice pack reserve micro has a super compact keychain and hidden cables. Special high-output battery allows for ultra fast charging with its rechargeable 1000mAh lithium polymer battery.
The juice pack reserve micro has integrated charge cables so it's ready for you to grab and go! With the hidden USB connector, no cables are needed. The built-in and flexible USB and connector stay concealed until youíre ready to charge.
The new juice pack reserve micro features black soft-touch finish exterior and improved conversion efficiency for maximum power transfer from battery to device. Smart battery technology automatically turns power on when the reserve is connected to your device and turns off when disconnected.