Crux CruxSNAP for iPhone 5 - White

Price: $6.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 3/29/2017
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Product Includes
 Crux CruxSNAP for iPhone 5 - White

Product Overview

The CruxSNAP™ is a precision snap case for the iPhone® 5. It’s hightly designed to provide the maximum comfort, usability, and protection for the iPhone® 5

Precision Design
The CruxSNAP™ features a precision design. The case is ergonomically designed provide
the user with perfect access to all iPhone® ports, speakers, and buttons.
Thin Design:
The CruxSNAP™ provides the best possible protection to the iPhone® 5 with a minimal
and extremely thin design.
Chamford Cutouts
The CruxSNAP™ features precision chamfer cutouts to allow the users fingers to
comfortablly access all iPhone® 5 buttons and ports.
Apple Form Factor:
The CruxSNAP™ maintains the iPhone® 5 form factor
Clean Connector:
The CruxSNAP™ bottom has been designed to allow unobstructed access to Apple’s®
lightning port and docks.
Rubber and Glossy Finish
The CruxSNAP™ features both a very soft rubber finish as well as a hi-gloss finish.