CruxCase Crux360 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2 / iPad 3 & iPad 4 OPEN BOX

Price: $39.99

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Product snapshot as of 3/28/2017
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Product Includes
 CruxCase Crux360 Delta for 2nd and 3rd Generation iPad
 USB Charging Cable
 Microfiber Bag
 Quick Start Guide

Product Overview
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The Crux360™ is the world’s first keyboard case that allows you to
use the iPad® in a multitude of positions. It turns your iPad® into a
powerful-work tool while still maintaining the simplicity of the iPad®
you love.
Crux360 Fits 2nd and 3rd Generation iPad®

Quick iPad® Insert/Release
The Crux360™ features two tabs on either side of the case which allow you to quickly and
easily insert or remove your iPad 2 / New iPad 3
Window Cover
The Crux360™ features a new window cover that allows you to either cover up or expose
the iPad’s® Apple® logo.
Smart Sync
The Crux360™ features new powering which has greatly increased the ease of turning your
Crux on, off, and pairing - less than a second for each function.
Smart Closure:
The magnetic closure on the Crux360™ turns your iPad® on and off as you open and
close the cover.
Soft-Touch Finish:
The Crux360™’s finish increases both the durability and tactility of the Crux.
Non-Tip Technology:
The Crux360™ features technology which keeps it from tipping over, no matter the viewing
Drop Keyboard:
The Crux360™ features an ergonomically designed keyboard which allows for access and
easy typing on all keys.
17 Special Keys:
The Crux360™ features 17-special key functions at the top of the keyboard. These keys
help you quickly access the iPad’s® features.
Fits 2nd and 3rd Generation iPad®
Laptop Mode:
The Crux360™ features a full QWERTY-style Bluetooth® keyboard—great for entering
large amounts of text for emails or word processing.
Movie Mode:
Watch movies, videos, or just surf the Internet. The Crux360™ hinge allows you to adjust
the screen to the perfect viewing angle.
Tablet Mode:
Read books, magazines, or view photos. The Crux360™ allows you to easily use your
iPad® as a tablet without having to remove it from its case.
Carry Mode:<