Just Mobile Gum Max Duo Backup Battery 11200 mAh

Brand:Just Mobile
Price: $99.95

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 2/6/2016
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Product Includes
 Just Mobile Gum Max Duo Backup Battery 11200 mAh

Product Overview
Just Mobile Gum Max Duo
The twin-powered backup battery
Just Mobile Gum Max Duo™ is the supercharged backup battery for iPhone and iPad.

With an 11200mAh capacity, the aluminium-clad Gum Max Duo™ will give you up to 7 extra hours of iPad battery life. And with two USB outputs, you can simultaneously charge your iPad and iPhone.

You can keep an eye on Gum Max Duo's remaining power using the 8-LED charge indicator, and recharge it using a stand USB cable. And with a colourful Rubber Sleeve providing protection on the move, you can be sure you’ll never run short of juice – wherever you are.

The Rubber Sleeve is available in three different separate colors.

Also compatible with iPhone 5*, iPad 4*, iPad mini* and iPod touch (5. Gen.)*.
(*Lightning to USB cable not included)

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