Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Cover + (Pink)

Price: $21.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 7/8/2020
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Cover + (Pink)

Product Overview
The combination of a hard plastic outer shell and rubber bezel is the perfect mix to absorb impacts from drops and keep the backside of your handset free of scratches and dirt. The rubber bezel wraps around the front to protect direct damage to the touchscreen when dropped face down.
Made with usability in mind, the Samsung cover offers stylish function without blocking access to your touchscreen, ports and controls making every feature of your phone available for your needs.

Small and sleek enough to fit anywhere

The sleek design is highly portable, fitting easily in to pockets and small purses and is available in multiple colors.

Compatible with other Samsung Accessories

Your phone will fit and be compatible with the Samsung Universal Desk Dock, Universal Car Mount or Smart Dock while being protected with the Samsung Protective Bumper Plus Case for Samsung Galaxy SIV. No need to take the cover off while you dock your phone.

At A Glance:

Durable textile and hard plastic construction

Protects phone from bumps and scratches

Sleek design offers stylish function
Access to touchscreen, ports and controls

Highly portable

Custom made by Samsung

Available in multiple colors

Cover is compatible with Samsung Universal Desk Dock, Universal Car Mount and Smart Dock