Sony MH1 LiveSound Hi-Fi Android Headphones - White/Orange OPEN BOX

Price: $44.99

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Product snapshot as of 3/26/2017
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 Sony MH1 LiveSound Hi-Fi Android Headphones - White/White + Orange

Product Overview

Looks sleek. Sounds super.

Genuine Sony Xperia sound. Deep, punchy bass. Balanced, clean and dynamic audio reproduction. LiveSound™ hi-fi headset boasts premium design. Flat tangle-free cables. LiveKey™ app control. And remote on-cable music and call-handling. These sleek stereo headphones were engineered for music lovers.

An extraordinary audio experience

Relax. Slip on LiveSound™’s earphones. And hit play. Doesn’t it sound like you’re in the studio with your favourite artist when they recorded the track? Deep, punchy bass. Balanced, clean and dynamic audio reproduction faithful to the original recording. LiveSound™ hi-fi headset. Engineered for music lovers.

Android headphones designed to impress

Constructed from solid metal housing. Featuring minute 6mm driver units with powerful neodymium magnets. Flat tangle free cables. And a sleek, smart full remote with mic. LiveSound™ Android headphones were designed with meticulous precision. To captivate your eyes, and ears.

Do more with LiveKey™ control

That special little button. That makes LiveSound™ hi-fi headset smart. Need to make a note when you’re on the go? Press LiveKey™ and say what you want to remember. At a party and love the song that’s got the joint jumping? Fire up TrackID™ with a simple press of a button. Cool? But that's just the beginning. LiveKey™ finds and controls all apps. Made for it. Quick and easy.
The LiveKey™ allows you to open and run applications, for example, pre-installed TrackID™, and applications downloaded from Android™ Market. To use the LiveKey™, the LiveWare™ Manager needs to be installed on your phone for it to be compatible. If running Android™ 2.3.3 or later, your phone already has the LiveWare™ manager installed. If running earlier than Android™ 2.3.3, go to Market and install the LiveWare™ manager application.