Samsung Universal Battery Pack 9000mAh with Cables OPEN BOX

Price: $71.99

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Product snapshot as of 5/26/2018
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Product Includes
 Samsung Universal Battery Pack
 Micro USB to USB Cable
 USB to 30-pin Cable

Product Overview
Universal Battery Pack

The Universal Battery Pack is the perfect companion for heavy users of smartphones or tablets who constantly find themselves running out of battery away from an outlet. Capable of charging a tablet or smartphone, this versatile charger can store up to 9000mAh of battery life, providing over 1 full charge for your tablet or 2 to 3 full charges on most smartphones. Take your battery pack with you in a backpack, purse or briefcase to keep your device's battery at full while you're away from an outlet!

Battery On-the-Go
The Universal Battery Pack provides 2 to 3 full charges on your Samsung smartphone and more than 1 full charge for your Samsung tablet.

Compatible with most devices that support USB charging.

Package Contents:
Battery Pack, Micro USB to USB Cable, USB to 30-pin Cable

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