iSkin SOHO 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve Premium Protection for MacBook and PC, Black/Red

Price: $14.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 3/25/2017
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Product Includes
 iSkin SOHO 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve Premium Protection for MacBook and PC (For 12"-13" laptop)

Product Overview
On the go with your laptop means keeping it safe, and the iSkin SOHO does just that. With elegant style and cool colors, SOHO features a multi-layered design to absorb the hits and dings that would normally damage your laptop.
Made for the MacBook and MacBook Pro, the SOHO's distinguished good looks, coupled with legendary iSkin fit and finish, makes it the perfect accessory for your laptop and your outfit.
It also fits PC's with similar dimensions.
Look Good Anywhere
The SOHO is ideal for students, business users and just about anyone who prefers to be anywhere but at a desk. It also makes a great heat barrier when using your MacBook on your lap.
Right Down to the Zipper
Zipping around town means you need quick access to your computer. The SOHO features an iSkin designed ergonomic zipper thatís easy to grab and pull. It also looks great! <br>
For MacBook or similar PC: Length: 13" (33cm) x Width: 9" (23cm) x Depth: 1" (2.54cm)