mophie Juice Pack Rechargeable External Battery Case for HTC ONE (2500mAh) Sliver

Price: $99.95

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Product snapshot as of 7/26/2017
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Product Includes
 mophie Juice Pack Rechargeable External Battery Case for HTC ONE (2500mAh) Sliver

Product Overview
Sleek design, stylish silhouette.
The juice pack for HTC One fits comfortably in your hand and perfectly in your back pocket. It complements the contours of your phone without adding too much bulk. Edge to edge security ensures youíre protected from the everyday wear and tear.

Full access and complete control.
Designed to support key features of the HTC One, the juice pack's pass-through design allows you to access the universal remote without removing it from the device as well as provide full accessibility to buttons, speakers and camera. You can flip through your favorite shows and stay powered up at the same time.

Added features for ease of use.
With itís Pass-Through design, USB Charge and Sync, Stand-by Switch and LED Power Indicator features, you will never be left powerless or without knowing when you need to juice up.

Dimensions: 2.88 in x 6.06 in x 0.67 in
Weight: 5.05 oz
Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh
Product Compatibility: HTC One

Product number: 2371_JP-HTC-ONE-SLV

Package Includes:
mophie juice pack
USB charging cable
User Manual