Samsung HM6000 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Grey

Price: $29.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 4/22/2018
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Product Includes
 Samsung HM6000 Bluetooth Headset
 Quick Start Guide
 Two (2) Earhooks (fits either ear)
 Three (3) Ear Gels (small, medium and large)
 Universal Micro USB wall charger and cord

Product Overview

Sleek, elegant and modern, the Samsung HM6000 handsfree Bluetooth headset offers a potent combination of style, substance and performance that sounds as good as it looks. With dual-mic noise cancelling technology, the HM6000 delivers exceptional call clarity in almost any environment, ensuring that important calls can be answered whenever and wherever you like.

Superior Sound in any Environment

The HM6000 delivers top-notch sound via its built-in dual-mic noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, ensuring crystal clear call clarity on all types of phones, even in noisy environments. You can even stream mono music and podcasts directly to the device from your Bluetooth-compatible media player or computer.

Simple Pairing Across Multiple Devices

The headset automatically pairs with the closest Bluetooth-enabled device through its Simple Pairing feature. Simply turn on the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone, then select the HM6000 and youíre connected; no passcode needed. And with built-in Multipoint Technology, you can pair the headset to two different devices at once for seamless integration across devices. This feature is indispensible for users who carry both a business phone and a personal phone, or online gamers who like to play on multiple platforms.

Bluetooth 3.0

The HM6000 headset features Bluetooth 3.0 technology and is compatible with all of the latest smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

Exceptional Battery Life

The inline rechargeable battery boasts 6 hours of talk time, 4.5 hours of music streaming and up to 240 hours of standby time per charge cycle. And with a dedicated on/off switch itís easy to conserve power until you need it. The built-in voice prompts can even tell you when you need to recharge your headset.

Text-to-Speech For a Truly Handsfree Experience

For user with Android-compatible smartphones the HM6000ís built in text-to-speech feature (when used in conjunction with the FreeSync Android application) can even read your e-mails, SMS messages and identify callers for a truly handsfree experience.

Customized Fit

The headset ships with three interchangeable soft gel tips for a customized fit and the ultra-lightweight design ensures that the device remains secure and comfortable, even when worn for long durations.

Voice Prompts Keep You Informed, Voice Commands Keeps You Handsfree

The HM6000 is built with convenience in mind. The built-in voice prompts can tell you when you need to recharge your headset, when youíve successfully connected to a device, and even provide usage instructions. Using simple voice commands you can answer or return calls, check remaining battery life, pair devices and more, keeping your hands on the wheel, not on your headset.