Krusell 89737 BioCover Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s - White

Price: $4.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 3/1/2017
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 Krusell 89737 BioCover Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s - White

Product Overview
World’s first smartphone covers made with fully biobased and industrially compostable bioplastic materials. New generation bioplastic material features significantly higher performance and durability than existing products. The covers are made of plants, letting you protect your device in style and with a clean environmental conscience. A new and advanced biobased bioplastic material with significantly improved strength and durability.Weighs only 12 grams, 1 mm thin, provides scratch and impact protection without bulk. One piece, snap-on cover, easy to put on and take off. Patent pending feet at the corners keep screen away from flat surfaces during face down placement. Allows easy access to all controls and functions. Does not spill over iPhone’s screen area; allowing easy typing and flicking. Does not attract dust or stick in your pocket like silicon or rubber cases. All packaging components are eco-friendly; with FSC certified 100% recycled paper.