Scosche strikeBASE Dual 5 Watt USB Wall Charger - Black

Price: $33.99

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Product snapshot as of 3/29/2017
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Product Includes
 Scosche strikeBASE Dual 5 Watt USB Wall Charger - Black

Product Overview
strikeBASE pro 5W + 5W

Wall Charger for Lightning and Micro USB Devices

Quick charge your devices. strikeBASE pro includes dual 5 Watt USB ports for charging most devices.

Charge Two Devices At Once

Dual 5 Watt USB ports allow you to charge 2 devices at once - even 2 smartphones simultaneously. Each USB port has been designed to quick charge your devices.

Flush Folding Wall Prongs

Integrated flush folding wall prongs ensure that this charger is conveniently portable. The low-profile design ensures that this charger leaves other wall outlets open for use.

2-in-1 Cable Design

A patent pending 2-in-1 connector works with Lightning and micro USB devices. A sliding adapter lets you chose between connectors - perfect for charging your Apple devices with a Lightning connector, Android devices, e-readers and more.

Slim Barrel Design

This cable features a slim barrel design so you can charge and sync your device when using a case. It has been designed to even work with the larger and more protective cases.

Made For:

iPod touch (5th generation), iPod nano (7th generation), iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Also Works With:

Android devices, Smartphones and Portable Speakers

This charger works with all the latest Apple devices and nearly any Android smartphone.

•Output: 5V; 5 Watts (1A) + 5 Watts (1A) = 10 Watts total (2.1A)
•Cable length: 3 feet

•Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad
•3 ft. cable length
•Flush folding wall prongs for convenient portability
•Quick charge your smartphone and more
•Dual 5 Watt USB ports to charge most devices
•Slim barrel works with most cases