iFrogz GoLite 2600 mAh battery Backup + Flashlight - Purple

Price: $29.99

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Product snapshot as of 11/20/2014
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Product Includes
 iFrogz GoLite 2600 mAh battery Backup + Flashlight - Purple

Product Overview
•Rechargeable: The GoLite features a rechargeable 2600mAh battery that delivers a full charge to most smartphones.
•Bright: A built-in LED flashlight is ideal for low-light situations.
•Convenient: Its micro-USB outlet is perfect for most devices.
•Compact: Its slim design is easy to pack and store.
•Stylish: A soft-touch exterior and sharp design match any style.

The GoLite lights your way and quickly charges your smartphone. Its 2600mAh rechargeable battery delivers enough portable power to charge virtually any smartphone. Simply plug your phone into its micro-USB outlet and enjoy fast, convenient recharging.

The Golite is also designed to be easy to pack. Sleek and small, it goes anywhere and delivers when you need it. And with its bright LED flashlight, you’ll never be stuck searching in the dark for your keys or that rogue paper you need. Also, its soft-touch exterior and sleek design make it a perfect addition to every style. Never be frustrated by a dead battery again! Pick up a GoLite today and enjoy a lifetime of portable power.

Tech Specs

Compatibility: Most mobile devices that can be charged with a USB cable.
Battery: Samsung 18650. The battery has been safety tested for heat, puncture, blunt force damage and drop.
Certified:CE and FCC, and the battery is certified with UL.
Weight: 3.49 ounces
Dimensions: 7/8" x 7/8" x 4 1/8"

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