mophie Juice Pack Powerstation 4000mAh for Smartphones, Tablets & USB Devices - Pink

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Product snapshot as of 6/25/2016
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Product Includes
 mophie Juice Pack Powerstation 4000mAh for Smartphones, Tablets & USB Devices - Pink
 micro USB cable

Product Overview
Compact and full of power for any and all of your USB devices. The renowned powerstation boasts a high-output battery with charging speeds of 500mA, 1A, or 2.1A depending on what device you have connected.
Beauty is evident in the powerstation’s style—its compact design, sleek lines and smooth finish make it comfortable to carry and to easy pack away in a backpack, briefcase, or purse until it's needed. The invisible, four-light LED status indicator maintains its streamlined design and is only visible once you check its power levels or charging status
Your fully charged powerstation can recharge a typical smartphone up to 2 times or more, so don't forget to bring it along on business trips and weekend getaways. The powerstation really is the perfect travel companion
Smart battery technology means the powerstation knows exactly how much power your device requires in order to receive the most efficient charge possible. Whether you are charging a smartphone, tablet, gaming device, or digital camera, the reliable powerstation will always deliver the quickest charge possible without overheating or causing any damage to your device.

Product Specification
Product dimensions 2.28 in x 4.09 in x 0.53 in
Weight 4.40 oz
Compatibility Smartphones, Tablets & USB Devices
Battery capacity 4000mAh
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Manual Download here
Product SKUs 2027, 2037, 2057
Package contents powerstation, micro USB cable