iBOLT ChargingDock Car Mount Holder for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 OPEN BOX

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Product snapshot as of 3/23/2017
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Product Includes
 iBOLT ChargingDock Car Mount Holder for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3
 (9ft) audio & charging cable

Product Overview
iBOLT ChargingDock Car Mount, Holder for Samsung Galaxy S4 & S3, with 9ft car speaker sound integration cable, works with many cases. The iBOLT PerfectFit is a "real" car-dock, triggering the DockMode in Samsung S4 and S3 when inserted. Download "driving car-dock app" like iBOLT Dock'n Drive or Ulysee Speedometer for optimal driving experience. Includes the innovative 2.7 meter (9ft) audio & charging cable. Enjoy listening to music or radio from your favorite App in the car-stereo speakers (car must have 3.5 mm jack in). Sound from all apps can be hard through car-stereo speakers but NOT the phone calls, this due to Samsung firmware limitation. Separate Bluetooth solution recommended for making and receiving calls. The 9ft cable is also long enough to facilitate placement on the left handset of the steering wheel where it is "out of the way" but yet close to the driver. Delivered with separate "cover" that is removable in order to be compatible with most standard size cases, except the bulkier "Otterbox Defender/Commuter" type. Check out iBOLT xProDock car-dock if you have a thick case. With an open back, the camera can be used for recording HD video while driving. Expect a completely vibration free driving experience with the ROK II Solid suction mount. Attach to windshield, or stick directly onto hard surface on dashboard. A ball-joint connector system allows the driver to adjust to almost any viewing angle. The female ball connector on the Dock is a 17 mm "industry standard" size, allowing any dash, vent or bike mount designed for Garmin to work with the cradle as an alternative to the suction mount. The ibpf-33309 is an updated and revised car-dock from the previously available ibpf-33307 originally designed for the Galaxy S3. Expect crystal clear sound to the car-stereo speakers using the 3.5 integrated cord.

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