iBolt xProDock for Samsung with 9ft charge/aux-cable OPEN BOX

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Product snapshot as of 4/25/2015
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 iBolt xProDock for Samsung with 9ft charge/aux-cable

Product Overview
Drive Safe and Legal by keeping your Samsung Note II (or any Samsung phone) in a secure and easy to view position while driving with the compact sized and stylish xProDock.

Thanks to the unique design with a spring loaded latch and expandable feet, both covered with soft rubber, virtually any case can be used, including the Otterbox Commuter, Defender or Ballistic style case.
Insert the phone with a smooth 1-hand motion, attach the integrated microUSB charging port located on the side and your Samsung phone is ready to use. Switch between landscape and vertical position by simply turning Dock. Can also be used as a vertical Dock.
The included 10 ft (3.04 meter) charging cable plugs the microUSB slot in back of the Dock. This long cord allows the iBOLT Dock to be placed on the left hand side of the steering wheel, where it is easy to reach and not blocking the view. This is also a legal position in the state of California. The USB side of the cable plugs into the vehicle's USB port for continues battery charging, or use a 12 volt USB equipped car charger (not included, sold separately).
Your Samsung phone will will automatically switch to the Smart Dock mode when attached to the microUSB charging connector. No Samsung car-dock app is includes so we recommend to use a "car-dock" app from Google Play, type CarHome Ultra or Car Pro Widget for car-dock functionality.
The iBOLT Dock can also function as a "dash cam". With an open back the video camera can be used for recording HD video while driving. With the vibration free "ROK" suction mount the video recorded will be stable and virtually vibration free.
The female ball connector is an “industry standard” 17 mm size, allowing any dash, vent or bike mounting solution designed for Garmin to work with the iBOLT Dock as an alternative to the included suction mount. An AMPS plate adapter can be ordered for anyone preferring a mounting solution from companies like KUDA, ProClip etc.

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