AZURA Dual USB 3.1A Mobile Travel Charger - White

Price: $24.99

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Product snapshot as of 8/30/2015
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Product Includes
 AZURA Dual USB 3.1A Mobile Travel Charger - White

Product Overview
AZURA products are designed to meet the needs of the progressive mobile customer
Charge your mobile device and tablet simultaneously with the AZURA Dual USB 3.1A Mobile Travel Charger. The AZURA Mobile Travel Charger has a streamline design and foldable plugs to make the charger extremely compact. It also has two standard USB outlets, one that is 2.1Amps and another that is 1Amp, for your mobile charging needs.

Cable Features

3.1A Dual USB Ports - 2.1Amp and 1AMP Ports
Charge both a phone and tablet at the same time
Foldable compact plug design
Ideal design for travel convenience
Constructed of high density, impact resistant materials