Gadget Guard Screen Guard Wet/Dry Install for LG G Flex

Brand:Gadget Guard
Price: $7.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 6/18/2018
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 Gadget Guard Screen Guard Wet/Dry Install for LG G Flex
 installation squeegee
 microfiber cloth
 detailed installation instructions.

Product Overview
The Gadget Guard Screen Protector (Clear) provides high quality protection, superior clarity and precision design for your LG G Flex. Your screen guard is custom-designed and cut to exact specifications from military grade polyurethane material. It is a clear, smooth skin that protects your LG G Flex from scratches and fingerprints. The guard provides screen only protection and can be installed with or without liquid. The kit includes a screen film, installation squeegee, microfiber cloth, and detailed installation instructions.