Samsung MicroUSB Travel Adapter 2Amp

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Product snapshot as of 4/25/2015
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 Samsung MicroUSB Travel Adapter 2Amp

Product Overview
The Samsung travel charger allows you to replenish your mobile phone's battery in a rapid and convenient way at a rate of 2A. This rechargeable battery charger is a multifunctional, high-performing in-vehicle or stationary accessory. The Samsung travel wall charger plugs into any standard wall outlet, in addition to your in-vehicle power source.

Samsung's quick charging technology allows you to use your mobile phone while it is charging. The compact and durable design makes it convenient to charge your battery while home or on the go. The cell phone travel charger is small enough to fit in a briefcase when traveling, but is also convenient enough to be used as a secondary charger at home or in the office.