Merkury Tactile Keyboard Case for iPad Air - Blue/Grey

Brand:Merkury Innovations
Price: $54.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 3/27/2017
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 Merkury Tactile Keyboard Case for iPad Air - Blue/Grey

Product Overview
Portfolio iPad Case with Removable Full Function Keyboard.

- Ergonomic Design -

Designed for comfortable viewing and typing, this iPad case folds into a functional stand with a removable Bluetooth Keyboard. Remove the magnetic keyboard for a slim protective portfolio case, or attach the tactile keyboard for a real laptop experience.

- Easy to Use -

Quickly and easily pair the Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad. The keyboard is easily charged with the included micro USB cable.

- Special Function Keys -

Large, well spaced keys are ergonomically designed for comfortable use while typing. The removable full-function keyboard provides special function keys that give access to extra features such as volume control and video/music playback control.

- Full Device Access -

The case offers full access to all iPad controls and functions including charging ports, on/off button, and volume control. The camera hole is aligned to take photos easily without removing your device from the case.