Sony Walkman 273S Sports MP3 Player - White

Price: $99.99

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Product snapshot as of 5/24/2018
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Product Includes
 Sony Walkman 273S Sports MP3 Player - White
 Earbuds (Size S/M/L) Supplied in pairs.
 USB Cradle (1)
 Adjustment band (1)
 Quick Start Guide
 Notes on Water Resistant Specifications

Product Overview
Stay motivated with a wire-free, hands-free MP3 player that's both waterproof and super comfortable
Use quick charge to power up fast before hitting the gym, plus you can drag and drop your favorite songs from any music service or even your New depths.

Take your workout and your music below the surface. With an innovative waterproof design, the W Series can be submerged as deep as 6 feet (2m) underwater, as well as hold up to intense workouts. Let the music you love power you through lap after lap.

Rapid Charge Battery
About to hit the gym but in need of a charge? Plug in the W Series Sports Walkman for three minutes and you'll have up to 60 minutes of use in less time than it takes to get into your workout gear. Get up to 8 hours of uninterrupted play when fully charged.

Legendary sound meets sporty style.
Rock on the run or while concentrating on your core with full, rich legendary Sony sound. Choose from 4 new colors to add a pop of style that's totally you.
Drag. Drop. Go.
Why get stuck with just one music service? Dragging and dropping your favorite MP3s from your Mac or PC is super simple whether it's from iTunes®, Windows® Media Player or even Windows Explorer®. And with multi-format playback all MP3, WMA, AAC or L-PCM music files sound amazing. How's that for freedom?

Tap into more storage.
Don't let its compact size fool you. With 4GB of internal memory, there's plenty of room to store up to 900 songs. Quickly search through your music with ease using convenient, multi-function playback buttons. One quick tap switches the track, while holding down the button for longer changes the folder completely while in All Play mode. In Playlist mode, a quick tap changes songs, while a tap and hold changes the entire playlist.

Product Specification
  • Audio Power Output : 5 + 5mW
  • Frequency Response : 20 to 20,000 Hz (when playing data file, single signal measurement)
  • Audio Format(s) Supported :
    MP3: 32-320 kbps (incl. VBR) at 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
    WMA: 32-192 kbps (incl. VBR) at 44.1 kHz (WM-DRM not supported)
    AAC: 16-320 kbps (incl. VBR) at 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
    L-PCM: 1411 kbps at 44.1 kHz

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