Jarv USB Charging cable for Fitbit CHARGE HR Wireless Activity Wristband - 7 inch- Pink

Price: $7.99

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Product snapshot as of 11/22/2019
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Product Includes
 Jarv USB Charging cable for Fitbit CHARGER HR Wireless Activity Wristband - 7 in

Product Overview
100% Compatible with Fitbit CHARGE HR wireless activity trackers-So you can charge your device quickly and easily.
Voltage Regulator (PTC) Inside: Prevent your Fitbit Charge HR from being damaged by overcurrent when Connected to USB Power Source on PC, Mac, 
USB charging cable- Offers flexible connectivity 
Compact design- For easy on-the-go charging
High quality Premium cable 
Ideal for keeping at the office, in a gym locker, car , or just in your sports bag as a spare
Replacement for lost or damaged cables
Warranty : 1 year 
Condition: New 

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