Jarv Active Track Step Tracker Fitness/Activity Band - Black

Price: $19.99

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 12/6/2021
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 Your Jarv Active Track Step Tracker Activity Band includes:
  Jarv Active Track Activity Band
  Users Guide

Product Specification
Working Voltage: 1.5V
Working Current: 11~13uA
Display Screen: LCD 0.69 E-Ink Display
Battery Specification: Button Cell Battery AG3 / LR44
(Please note that the button cell battery cannot be
placed by the user and should last between 1-2 years.)
Working Environment: 0~55C
Waterproof Grade: IP56- itis able to protect against water jets/water splashing but cannot withstand immersion in water or long exposure to water such as a shower or swimming.

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