Jarv Run BT Premium Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart heart rate monitor for iOS 7.1 and Android 4.3 or later devices, Black (Soft strap)

Price: $23.95

Product Reference
Product snapshot as of 6/28/2022
Price and availability are subject to change

Product Includes
 Heart rate Monitor Sensor
 Adjustable Soft Strap
 CR2032 Battery

Product Overview

The Jarv Premium Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor is a wireless heart rate monitor that uses Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology to transmit data to your bluetooth device. The heart rate monitor together with 3rd party Apps turns your Phone or tablet into a mobile training device..great for runners, cyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart technology to your device without the need for an adapter and delivers accurate real-time heart rate data. The Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor WORKS WITH MOST ANDROID DEVICES USING OS 4.3 OR LATER and APPS USING THE LATEST BLE (bluetooth low energy) TECHNOLOGY. For a complete list of compatible devices visit Jarvmobile.com/faq Adjustable Soft Strap, Transmitter and long life Battery INCLUDED.


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